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Looking forward to a long successful business partnership. The Real Estate Market is continuing to change from so many different ways. It is very important to always remember the client. Putting them first and helping them discover their hopes and dreams.

Mark H.

So far, this has been the easiest, most straightforward way to set up a successful lead gen partnership. Everything is laid out so simply, I don’t feel intimidated, I just feel excited to get started!

Rachel P.

I just started with HouseJet and they have been amazing! Nice to work with a company that has your best interests in mind! They are great with follow up and have answered any/all of my questions and I am really looking forward to being part of the team!

Derek R.

I just completed the fast start portion of the Pay Per Closing Program. I am excited to get started!! Last year was a good year for me, but this year hasn’t started well, so I knew I needed to make some changes. I have committed to following all the steps initiated by PPC and working the system.

Dawn R.

I am very impressed with this company and feel I have found a real partner in growing my real-estate business. The support team has been fabulous and I am excited to get started.

Anne R.

I just finished the Fast Start program and I am really looking forward to building my business and my brand in my current market area. I know that with HouseJet’s help this is going to be an awesome journey!

Kristine E.

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HouseJet is a great marketing tool for my long term plans. It helps me stay diverse in this competitive industry.

Jeff R.

I cannot wait to get started with this program. This system is going to be a great addition to my business.

Kelly O’Q.

I have tried many different lead gen platforms over the years and I am just starting with HouseJet and getting set up but the support and what I have seen has been awesome.

Jeff W.

HouseJet has answered my questions and my phone calls. The website and marketing material is good. The Facebook group and training is solid.

Kyle B.

So far, so good! PPC has delivered everything that they have mentioned thus far. I haven’t been registered with the company for a week yet and I’m already receiving leads. Good stuff!


Thank you for all of the support you have given thus far! I am excited to start this journey with you all and look forward to a fantastic year this year!!

Debbie H.

I have just joined HouseJet and so for it has a great experience. The videos so far have been very helpful and I have learned something new on each one of them. I am looking forward to learning the dashboard and working with the entire support team.

Kevin J.

First, I very excited to be part of this network of real estate pros. I’ve been a realtor for a while and have been part of referral services. This is the best equipped I’ve experienced. The training was easy to understand and setting things up was simple. I’m looking forward to reading the scripts and following each step to be the best I can be. Thanks for the opportunity!

Jeff L.

I’m excited to be a part of such a brilliant program. The website design is top notch. The addition of the concierge and AI follow-up helps to incubate leads until I’m able to connect to them. I look forward the a prosperous relationship.

Lovie J.

Starting with HouseJet and Pay Per Closings is exciting, the many training videos, explanations with regards to building up your business is great. I look forward to further improve my business with the help and partnering of HouseJet and Pay Per Closings.

Ivan S.

As I’ve started engaging the program I’ve seen some good results. Got a buyer/seller in the first couple of months and look forward to seeing more great leads come through.

Joshua S.

I was real scheptical about this after many bad experiences with lead generation companies. This is one is real!. But you have to work it. The videos by Mike Oddo and Jake Houle are very good and true to reality; very little self serving BS. I am very satisfied so far. Even if i do not close any one of their leads, it is money well spent.

Roy P.

Looking forward to implementing this into an already growing business and a long and fruitful relationship for many many years to come.

Matthew C.

Housejet has been very thorough in their guidance to get me set up and running! I love the custom website & marketing material they have created for me and am excited to be a part of this amazing organization!

Stacy M.

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Referral Partner!

Act fast! We allow only one agent per market territory!

The training and setup has been quite valuable to me, but the coaching is where I find the greatest benefit. Meeting with my coach on a monthly basis is actually my favorite part of this program. She lets me know what changes to make to my marketing, and will answer any questions I have. The weekly training has been beneficial as well, especially since I am really just getting the hang of social media marketing and nurturing leads.

Renee G.

I just joined not even 2 weeks ago and I have already gotten 3 leads! The staff is super friendly and is there to answer any questions I may have and they were so helpful guiding me through the set up process. I highly recommend the Pay Per Closing Program!

Kirra C.

Finished setting up most the tasks and I am really excited about getting the marketing rolling to kick everything into motion. Thanks because for an experienced agent moving into a completely new market this is a great tool to get your business jump-started!

James B.

Everything Mike is sharing and everything I have learned from his team up to this point has been valuable. I believe it’s key to learn from like minded people and to align your goals with their teaching and models. I’m anxiously awaiting results and I’m excited for what’s to come.

Jessica K.